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Phyllis J. Scalf and Robert L. Churchey
     AKC Breeder of Merit
Ryan Scalf Buzard DVM and Shannon Scalf-Churchey Moon EdD
Mesa, Arizona, USA

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are versatile dogs that, with appropriate socialization and exercise, adapt well to urban living. Ridgebacks can be remarkable family members that are ever diligent in keeping a watchful eye on their family. Aloof with strangers, Ridgebacks are not as social as many breeds but should never be intolerant of welcomed strangers. Ridgebacks are highly intelligent and sometimes are described as stubborn and willful. They are a dog that requires a family and should always be a part of their family's day-to-day activities.

As responsible breeders, our mission is to breed quality, healthy purebred dogs that are exceptional representatives of their breed. Our kennel name is Ruya - a Swahili word that means a dream or vision.

Having owned Ridgebacks since 1986, we bred our first Ridgeback litter in 1993 out of CH Globe Blue Toi Mercedes Ruya JC SC ASFA FCH "Mercy." Our true education began with her litter of 13. We are grateful to Nelda and Virginia Vaughn, Globe Rhodesian Ridgebacks, for our wonderful foundation bitch, Mercy, and for their mentorship and friendship.

Ridgebacks are an integral part of our lives and we can't imagine life without them. As members of the national breed club, we strive to adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States, Inc.  It is the American Kennel Club, Inc. (AKC) recognized parent club for the breed in the United States. Although we do enjoy exhibiting in other venues (such as International shows and rare breed events), the AKC is the "gold standard" of registries and exhibition events in the United States and is our primary focus in handling and exhibiting dogs.

As Ridgeback owners, we have been involved in the rescue of displaced Ridgebacks since 1989 and are volunteers for Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc., the official rescue organization of the national breed club. We are also charter members of the Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona, Inc.

Meet our Ridgebacks 

"CHEVY" Int'l BIS Int'l/Am CH Ruya's Chevelle Super Sport CGC

 Click here to view Chevy's personal page.

"CONGO" Int'l/Am CH Ruya's Legend of the Congo King

 Click here to visit Congo's personal page.

"AALIYAH" Int'l/Am CH Ruya Legend of Mazel Tov

 Click here to view Aaliyah's personal page.

 "BONNIE"  CH Ruya Dynasty's Legend Bonita ROM

 Click here to view Bonnie's personal page.

"BRISA"  Ruya Dynasty's Miata Rio Brisa

 Click here to view Brisa's personal page.

"LIBBY" Int'l/Am CH Pumamere Ruya Its All About Me CGC

 Click to view Libby's personal page.

"LILLY" CH Ruya Mwezi Lilliana Grace Aida CGC

 Click here to view Lilly's personal page.

"TEVA" Int'l CH Sandhill Ruya Nefer Festiva

 Click here to view Teva's personal page.

"VICKI" Int'l/Am CH Legend's Sedona Solara

 Click here to view Vicki's personal page.

"ZARAH" Ruya Legend's Rincon Mystique

 Click here to view Zarah's personal page.

RUYA's Rhodesian Ridgebacks  -  some of our titled RRs:

CH Globe Blue Toi Mercedes Ruya SC ASFA FCH
CH Ruya Dustdevil Mercedes' Sun SC ASFA FCH
Pumamere Ruya's Sunrise Safari JC
ASFA BIF CH Ruya Red Beau Mercedes-Benz SC ASFA FCH
CH Ruya's West End Copperdust
CH Ruya Rookie of the Desert
Ruya Mercy's Sundance Mirage SC ASFA FCH
CH Kwetu Black Oak Ridge Kaiser
Pumamere Shoga Tunukia Ruya SC ASFA FCH
Kwetu Desert Sundaze Porsche SC ASFA FCH
ASFA BIF Int'l CH Ruya Gran Leon Dorado Santos SC ASFA FCH
CH Globe Tea-Em Ruya's Dynasty ROM; Group Placing
Int'l/Am CH Ruya Dynasty's Rojo Wrangler JC; Group Placing
CH Ruya Klamath At Long Last CGC
CH Ruya Pumamere Ombasha Andana
CH Ruya Dynasty's Globe Montero; Best Bred-By in Show
Int'l BIS Int'l/Am CH Ruya Chevelle Super Sport, CGC; BIS, Multi-Group Placing; Eukanuba Top 25
CH Ruya Dynasty's Legend Bonita ROM
CH Ruya Azure Built Like a Rock
Int'l/Am CH Ruya Legend's Mazel Tov
Int'l CH Sandhill Ruya Nefer Festiva
Int'l/Am CH Ruya Dynasty's Sedona Solara
Int'l Am CH Ruya's Legend of the Congo King, Specialty Winners Dog
CH Ruya's Legend of the Big Rig
Ruya Corazon Puro JC
CH Ruya Mwezi Lilliana Grace Aida CGC
Int'l CH Sandhill Ruya Chevelle Malibu CGC
Int'l CH Pumamere Ruya Its All About Me CGC
CH Mazel Tov's Magic Man of Ruya

PHOTO CREDIT: Int'l BIS Int'l/AM CH Ruya's Chevelle Super Sport (photo taken at age 6-months), photo used with the permission of the photographer, Mary Santos, Photography by Santos, Glendale, Arizona.

Phyl and Robert

PO Box 20645
Mesa, Arizona 85277-0645 USA
(602) 320-2437

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