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Int'l/Am CH Westview's Sarai of Finiki ROM
Breeder: Connie Buckland
Owner:  Phyllis Scalf and Robert Churchey
(formerly co-owned by Jim Strassels, now deceased)

Sire: CH Tsand Ambrier Pop the Cork
Dam: CH Westview's Try it Standing Up

At the time Phyl handled Sarai to her AKC Championship and International Championship, Sarai was owned by Jim Strassels and Sharon Witherspoon. In July 2003, we accepted the offer to co-own Sarai with Jim Strassels.

As our foundation bitch, she recently earned her Register of Merit (ROM) from the national breed club with the championships awarded to three of her offpring that were sired by CH Tibroke's Run for Cover ROMX: "Jewels" CH Ruya Rinchen Norbu of Finiki; "Joey" CH Finiki Coat of Many Colors; and, "Turbo" CH Ruya Sarai Turbo Charged Hemi.

Sarai was ranked in the Top 25 Tibetan Spaniels in the United States in 2005 and received an invitation to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship held in Tampa, Florida. She is group placing and has been exhibited at the Westminster Kennel Club show in New York. Sarai was the first Tibetan Spaniel in the United States to be certified "thyroid normal" by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

 Click here to view pictures of Sarai's litter whelped September 24, 2007.


Tibbies are notorious for digging holes in the woven matting used as ground cover in exercise pens at dog shows. They seem to view one tiny rock under the mat as an invitation to dig for treasure. Sarai is no exception when it comes to wreaking havoc on a mat. In this series of photos, she was totally consumed with digging a hole in the mat and then making a game of going in and out of the hole. The Ridgebacks in the pen next to her were fascinated and probably a bit miffed that she could get away with such behavior -- the cute factor cannot be denied.


Sarai loves to snuggle up and get cozy. She spent one show weekend being transported from place to place tucked inside Ryan's jacket.


Sarai sits ringside with Sharon and Paige Witherspoon in Flagstaff. Well, let's be real here. Sharon and Paige were the ones sitting - Sarai was a bit on the squirmy side.

Paige and Sarai posed for pictures at the park outside the showgrounds following the Flagstaff shows.


Ryan and Phyl traveled to Tampa, Florida in December 2005 along with Robin Castillo to exhibit Xuxa, Congo, Sarai and Mr. Dew at the 2005 AKC/Eukanuba Invitational. It was quite an exciting trip and especially rewarding in that Xuxa was awarded Best of Breed. In the hotel, the dogs enjoyed the chance to visit one another and just hang out. If you were to ask Sarai, however, she'd probably say the best part of the hotel stay was the many opportunities to snatch the other dogs' toys - especially Xuxa's squeaky that seemed particularly appealing.


Sarai's Health Certifications:

OFA Hips   TS-201F28F-PI 
OFA Elbows  TS-EL25F24-PI
OFA Patella  TS-PA14/28/P-PI
OFA Thyroid  TS-TH1/24F-PI
OFA Heart  TS-CA11/27F/C-PI
CERF Eyes  CERF TS-636 (5/18/04)

Phyl and Robert

PO Box 20645
Mesa, Arizona 85277-0645 USA
(602) 320-2437

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